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Mirror Furniture A Bear Glass Specialty Product


Mirror Furniture

Unique, affordable mirrored furniture for
the eclectic, modern lifestyle

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Mirrored Furniture:

Mirror furniture is our specialty. Mirrored or Venetian furniture originates from Venice, Italy. However, this design of furniture did not remain exclusive to Italy for long. This kind of furniture becomes a part of every lifestyle in the world. Mirror furniture is beautiful, elegant but what makes it unique is it´s timelessness. It emphasize the light and space in your room.

Various Mirrored Furniture:

Use of mirrored furniture causes the mind to see any furnished area as more roomy and spacious than it really is. There are an endless chance for furniture to be mirrored. Some of the demanding furniture types are Mirrored Dressing Tables, Mirrored Bedside Tables, Mirrored Chest, Mirrored Cabinets.

Mirrored Dressing Tables:

Place the Mirrored on Dressing Tables across from a window with a scenic view and you can bring the outside in. Or place it across from another open space and the reflection will make the room appear larger than it is. The reflection of one or two well-chosen pieces will reflect back in the mirror and heighten the feeling of "big" in the room.


Mirrored Bedside Tables:

Place the Mirrored Bedside Tables in your bedroom for stylish and long lasting beauty. Lastly, don't forget to put large vases in front of your Bedside mirror. The reflection of one or two well-chosen pieces will reflect back in the mirror and heighten the feeling of "big" in the room.


Mirrored Cabinets:

If you're buying cabinets or other storage pieces, consider buying them with mirrors in the back of the cases or on the front doors. Once again, the reflections from these pieces will create a depth in the room when you don't have wall space to hang a mirror. You'll be amazed how much that small mirrored area can open up your room.


Mirrored Chests:

When you don't have space for a wall mirror, you can still use mirrors to make a small room look bigger. Look for mirrored chests that are constructed totally in mirrored surfaces for maximum impact. Even the reflection off of smaller furniture pieces will help your open up the room.


Different types of mirror used for Mirrored Furniture

Other than normal mirror, the following two types of mirror make a difference to your mirrored furniture.

Starphire® Mirror Furniture:

Starphire® mirror for your furniture can be used Instead of using normal mirror. Highest visible light transmittance Natural, Enhanced color purity and vibrancy of reflections are available in STARPHIRE® Mirror. The substrate glass is glass that has a lower mineral during the float-glass production process. The result is that when silvered, it has less of the blue-green tint that can make your mirror have slightly greenish reflections. Skin tones are brighter, colors are truer, and the reflection appears more detailed.

  • Natural, warm reflections

  • Highest visible light transmittance: (91%, compared to what could be as low as 83% for regular glass

  • Enhanced color purity and vibrancy of reflections

  • What focus groups routinely say the reflection is noticeably better − that details look sharper and more "in focus"

Antique Mirror:

This method of making glass consists of varying the regularity of metallic deposits. In addition to its decorative effect, the antique mirror creates a gentle and softened reflection, which contributes pleasantly to interior light levels.

Having an antiqued mirrored furniture in your home will provide that elegant look that will set your decor apart from everyone else.