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Mirror Furniture A Bear Glass Specialty Product


About Us

Bear Glass is the 4th generation
family business.

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Know About Bear Glass :

Bear Glass company is a 4th generation glaziers specializing in Mirrored Furniture. Bear Glass is the only stop for your Mirrored Furniture needs. We have two locations one at NY another at NJ. Our NJ location serves South Jersey and Philadelphia also.

Fabricating mirrored furniture is one of our specialty. The timeless nature of mirrored furniture makes it an investment of lifetime. They are stylish and elegant. Our expert crafts men are capable of making your dreams a reality.

But mirrored furniture is not the only service we provide at Bear Glass. Our state of the art machinery fabricates high polished edges, beveled edges, miters, holes, and special cut outs, as well as ogee edges for special shapes and circles. We're also a distributor of many different types of stock sizes of glass and mirrors.

Delivery Service :

Our drivers and installers can assure the safe delivery of all the most precious glass valuables. Our professional glass trucks are fully equipped to transport glass showcases, expensive pieces of art, mirrors, table tops, as well as oversized pieces of glass. For more information or to order your delivery follow this link rentaglasstruck.com


We look forward to working with you on your next project! Call us with your special needs and your unusual requirements. Competitive prices, outstanding delivery dates, and close interactive customer service make Bear Glass a perfect choice for your next glass and mirror work. We are committed to delivering a premium level service – providing speed, quality and simplicity throughout the entire process. Bear Glass is the preferred supplier to many of America’s best Architects, Designers, Builders and more.